Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

The IQAC at Trinity College is a pioneering body to many of the programs run at the college. The IQAC was set up on 2010 at Trinity College, duly constituted in accordance with NAAC stipulated guidelines. It assists and advises the Principal to closely monitor and administer quality assurance and quality enhancement activities keeping in view the academic and administrative issues. It is an important forum for initiating quality enhancement by the application of regular intervention strategies. The IQAC applies several strategic measures to evaluate the functioning and performances of various departments. This is taken care of by regular in-house meetings where the departments are required to present an overview of their teaching-learning methodologies and assessment modes.
Feedback mechanism, as well as internal audits of the college is organized by the IQAC. The IQAC also ensures that the college faculty is assessed and evaluated through student-feedback mechanism. It also motivates the departments to expand their linkages. An annual plan is made for each department and presented at the meeting. All members of the cell make suggestions for up-gradation of annual departmental plan.
Another initiative was the Continuous Professional Development where the teachers are required to prepare a short/long term plan for their academic and professional growth and the IQAC takes a regular update on the same. The IQAC at Trinity College is a pivotal body as regards plans for the student development at college and beyond.
The Norms/criteria for IQAC by NAAC-2017
1. Chairperson: Head of the Institution
2. A few senior administrative officers
3. Three to eight teachers
4. One member from the Management
5. One/two nominees from local society, Students and Alumni
6. One/two nominees from Employers /Industrialists/stakeholders
7. One of the senior teachers as the coordinator/Director of the IQAC

List of Members



Members Name
IQAC Chair Person                 Principal Mr. Ajay Prashar
Representatives of Management

Director of College

Secretary, Governing Board, Trinity Education Society

·            Rev. Fr Peter

·            Rev Sr Elseena MJ

IQAC Coordinator                          Senior Faculty Member Asst Prof Neetu Khanna
Joint Coordinator Faculty Member Asst. Prof. Harpreet Kaur
Representatives of Teachers  Head of Departments

·            Dr Sunil Kumar Arora

·            Asst. Prof Baljeet Kaur

·            Asst. Prof. Puja Gaba

·            Asst. Prof Nidhi Sharma

·            Asst. Prof.Jessy Jullian

Representative of Administrative Staff

Office Superintendant

Office Incharge

·            Me C. B Sharma

·            Rev Sr Rita DM

Representatives of Students                           President & Vice President of College Cabinet

·            Ms. Mariya

·            Mr. Anuj

Representatives of Alumni                             2

·            Mr. Jatin Thakur

·            Mr Jackson

Representatives of Stakeholders:

Administrator, N.C. Society

Parents’ Representative

·            Rev. Fr. Antony Vezhapilly,

·            Mr Sunil Kaul

Representatives of Employers/Industrialists/Society Academicians from other institutions

·            Dr. Ekonkar S Johal, Depty Registrar, IKGPTU, Jalandhar

·            Dr. Ashish Arora, Associate Prof. GNDU Regional Campus, Jalandhar

·            Dr Nishchey Behal, Associate Prof. DAV College, Jalandhar



                                                    Seven Criteria Coordinators for NAAC

Curricular Aspects Asst. Prof. Puja Gaba
Teaching-Learning and Evaluation     Asst. Prof. Neetu Khanna
Research, Innovations and Extension Asst. Prof. Inderpreet Kaur
Infrastructure and Learning Resources Asst. Prof. Nidhi Sharma
Student Support and Progression Asst. Prof. Navdeep Singh
Governance, Leadership and Management Asst. Prof. Baljeet Kaur
Institutional Values and Best Practices Asst. Prof. Jessy Julian








Minutes of Meeting

DATE:  6-09-2019

TIME:  2.30 PM

Venue: Principal’s Office

Members Present: all except Dr. Ekonkar, Mr. Jackson, Rev Sr. Rita Maria


The meeting started with prayer lead by Asst. Prof. Harpreet. Respected Principal Asst. Prof. Ajay Prashar formally welcomed all the members to first quarterly meeting of IQAC. The meeting was conducted with pre-planned and pre-informed agenda:

  1. The chairperson of the meeting, Prof Ajay Prashar initiated the meeting by briefing about the college to the members. He explained about the number of courses run by college, research journal ‘Trinitarian’, Digital  App for students and teacher and cash less campus etc.
  2. Afterwards the IQAC coordinator Asst. Prof. Neetu introduced the members with the working of IQAC. She narrated that the cell is working from 2010 onwards and has taken various quality initiatives like documentation, internal and external academic audits, collecting and analyzing feedback from various stakeholders. Besides all above basic functions, IQAC Council suggests many quality initiatives for up gradation of teachers and students.
  3. After the brief introduction of IQAC, The coordinator proposed academic calendar 2019-20 for due consideration by the members. The members appreciated the way it has been prepared date wise and suggested that:
  • Its name can be changed from academic calendar to academic and co academic holistic calendar
  • The activities proposed by various cell specially placement and career guidance, NSS and NCC should also be included so as to make the calendar more appealing. One of the members exemplified his views by suggesting activities like for saving environment to have rain harvesting and save water awareness campaign for ensuring tank alarming system at homes.
  • More student development programs can be added in the plan as inviting experts from other colleges for topic coverage will increase the interest of the students in the curriculum.
  1. Next point of the agenda was related with discussion on various concern areas of college namely:
  • Improving Academic Performance: The respected members suggested that for improving academic performance of students, few students can be identified in advance and should be explained the way of attempting the examination. Their motivation lecture must be taken in the beginning and past year university question papers can be provided to them for revision. Members further suggested that all the teachers must take personal interest in the class for the creating interest among the students. Therefore time to time faculty must also be motivated for the same. As it was said that consistent efforts with a special connect with the student will definitely generate the results.
  • Placement and Employability: This point was discussed by the respected members and one of the member suggested that this is the major area where college must focus more vigorously. It was discussed that companies must be invited for campus placement and even online internships can be taken up for making the students industry fit. The students in the final semester must be motivated and trained for the placement. The whole placement work must be centralized. The coordinator must identify the sectors where students can be sent for the job.
  • Alumni: The alumni association must be made an active and a proper communication should be made with them. It was suggested by the members that alumni are the brand ambassadors of the college. One satisfied student will bring more student to the college and they must be encouraged to contribute to the growth of the institution.
  • New Courses: It was suggested that instead of PG courses, more add on and certificate courses can be started with industry centric curriculum
  • Building Brand Image: It was discussed that if students and alumni are associated with the institution by heart then there is no need of marketing. They themself will work for the betterment of the institution.
  1. Prof. Neetu put forward the quality initiatives planed by IQAC for the upcoming session: 
  • IQAC Cluster: She explained that IQAC of the college plans to have a voluntary group of all the IQAC coordinator from different colleges of the city. This forum will discuss various quality initiatives and will work for training and conducting seminar on quality assurance in higher education. The plan was highly appreciated by the members and was approved for further implementation.
  • Benchmarking: The next initiative proposed was applying benchmarking technique for improving academic performance. Where target results will be set after comparing the college results with other colleges and teacher will be given their goals for improving the performance accordingly. The members approved the plan with a suggestion that selection of the landmark college should be done with caution.



The meeting dispersed at 4.15 pm with a vote of thanks expressed by Asst. Prof.  Neetu Khanna.


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