“The science of today is the technology of tomorrow”- By Edward Teller. The department of Science of Trinity College also works on the same principal. With highly qualified faculty and well equipped science laboratories, the newly established department gives a broad coverage of most common branches of Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology in keeping with the interdisciplinary nature of the subjects today.  



S.No.NameQualificationSubjectEmail Id
1.Asst. Prof. Kapil JairathH.O.D., M.Sc , Ph.D (Pursuing)
2. Vishal KashyapM.Sc. Chemistry,
3Dr. Monika DeviM.Sc. Zoology,
4.Rajeev KumarM.Sc. Botany, Pursuing




  1. +1/+2 (Medical & Non- Medical)

  2. B.Sc. (Medical & Non- Medical)




  1. Well equipped Chemistry, Physics, Botany and Zoology Labs.

  2. Highly qualified teaching faculty.

  3. Department has signed MoU with Insect Bio-pesticide Research Center (IBRC) to provide research exposure to the students.

  4. By working over the principle of “Recycling Organic Waste”, department has established and maintaining Vermi-composting Unit which also makes department self sustainable.

  5. Department conducts various Student Development Programmes and seminars along with field visits for holistic growth of the student. 

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