“The science of today is the technology of tomorrow”- By Edward Teller. The Department of Sciences was established in 2017 with the mission to nurture and educate students by providing a conductive learning environment, fostering a spirit of innovation and promoting scientific research that addresses real-world challenges.  The department has highly qualified professors with well-equipped Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology laboratories. We are committed to providing students with a robust understanding of scientific principles and methodologies.

        Emphasizing experiential learning, our curriculum prioritizes practical training to ensure comprehensive skill development. Beyond the classroom, we actively engage with the community through initiatives such as public lectures, science fairs and outreach programs. Additionally, the department has forged strategic partnerships with various organizations through Memorandum of Understandings (MoUs), further enhancing our ability to deliver excellence in education and research.



S.No.NameQualificationSubjectEmail Id
1.Dr. Monika Devi H.O.D.,M.Sc. Zoology,
2.Asst. Prof. Kapil Jairath M.Sc , Ph.D (Pursuing)
3.Asst. Prof. Vishal KashyapM.Sc. Chemistry,
4.Asst. Prof. Meenakshi SharmaM.Sc. Botany, Ph.D. (Pursuing)


  • B.Sc. (Medical & Non- Medical)




  1. Well equipped Chemistry, Physics, Botany and Zoology Labs.

  2. Highly qualified teaching faculty.

  3. Department has signed MoU with 

    • Ganga Orthocare Hospital Pvt. Ltd. Football Chaunk, Jalandhar, Punjab, India.  144001                                                                           
    • DAV College Jalandhar, Punjab
  4. By working over the principle of “Recycling Organic Waste”, department has established and maintaining Vermi-composting Unit which also makes department self sustainable.

  5. Department conducts various Student Development Programmes and seminars along with field visits for holistic growth of the student. 



    Department of Sciences organized online webinar on 9th Oct. 2021. All the students of Dept. of sciences have attended the session and participated in PPT presentations and Poster making competitions.



    Department of Sciences organised Student development programme on World AIDS day to spread the awareness among the students of College. The resource person of the event was Dr. Kamaljit Singh, Associate Professor, K.R.M. DAV College Nakodar. In the session, Dr. Kamaljit Singh spread awareness about AIDS among the students by giving a real life story and explained the prevention techniques. All the students of department of Sciences have attended the session and interacted with guest speaker.




    Department of Sciences organised Student development programme on the occasion of NATIONAL SCIENCE DAY on 28th Feb. 2022, CLIMATIC CHANGES: CHALLENGES AHEAD under the scheme NATIONAL ACTION PLAN FOR CLIMATE CHANGE (NAPCC) to spread awareness among the students of the College. The resource person of the event was Dr. Rishi Kumar, Assistant Professor, P.G Department of Zoology, DAV College Jalandhar. In the session, Dr. Rishi Kumar spread awareness about climatic changes and its consequences among the students by giving live examples and through videos.


    Department of Sciences organised Basic Health Check Up Camp in collaboration with P.G. Department of Medical Lab Science on the occasion of WORLD HEALTH DAY on 7th Apr. 2022. This Health checkup camp includes Blood Group test, HB test and BMI test. All the students of department of Sciences and MLS attended the camp.



    Department of Sciences inaugurated the BOTANICAL GARDEN on the occasion of WORLD EARTH DAY on 22nd Apr. 2022. Plant saplings were also distributed under the theme of ‘Invest in Our Planet’. This time the Department took another initiative of E -Warriors whose responsibilities are to take care of the unnecessary use of lights, to make plastic free campus and to aware other students regarding the same.




    Department of Sciences organised an educational visit to PIMS hospital, Jalandhar on 6th May, 2022. Students of B.Sc. medical visited the pathology museum and anatomical museum. It was a knowledgeable visit for all the students.



    Department of Sciences organised Farewell Party ‘Mehfil-E-Ruksat’& Departmental day on 28th May, 2022 for the outgoing students in the college auditorium.




    With the motive to intensify awareness on the importance of nutrition for health, an annual nutrition event is observed in the country from 1st to 7th September every year. The National Nutrition Week (NNW), as it is called, was conceived by the Food and Nutrition Board in the year 1982 as an annual event. To increase nutrition awareness and healthy eating habits among students, The Department of Science, Trinity college, Jalandhar organized a series of events to mark the ‘‘National nutrition week’’. PPT and Poster making competition was organized on September 6, 2022, where participants showcased their creativity by making beautiful posters and Power point presentations. It was followed by quiz competition on Nutrition and display of Nutritious food items by the participants on  September 7,  2022.




    International Day for Disaster  Reduction observed on October 13, every year. The day aims to promote a global culture of risk awareness and disaster reduction. The Day celebrates how people and communities around the world are reducing their exposure to disasters and raising awareness about the importance of reining in the risks that they face. The Department of Science, Trinity college, Jalandhar celebrated this day in collaboration with IIC (institution innovation council) by organizing a lecture on the topic ‘‘Disaster reduction’’. Asst. Prof. Jessy Julian from the Department of Computer Science was the resource person of the day. She raised awareness about the impact of natural as well as man-made disasters. PPT competition was also organized on October 13, 2022 where participants showcased their creativity by making Power point presentations on disaster reduction in their surrounding areas where they are living. 


    On the occasion of children’s Day Department of Science organized a fun filled treasure hunt activity on 14th Nov. 2022. The activity was divided into two rounds. The chosen students performed designated task given to them in a very supportive way. All the winners were awarded handsomely. The students who participated in the activity were appreciated with refreshment and gifts.





    On the occasion of National Science Day, Trinity College, Jalandhar organized an exhibition program on 28th   February 2023 in the college premises. Almost, all the students of B.Sc. Med. and B.Sc. Non.- Med. participated in the exhibition. The exhibition was open to all the parents and students from other schools as well. Students from the science stream presented different types of models which were related to different branches of science. Our Honorable Chief Guest along with Director Sir surveyed the entire exhibition stalls and also took details from the respective students about each of their models. Simultaneously, the people at the exhibition also thoroughly enjoyed the event and all were impressed by the efforts of the students.  It provides a platform to the students to exhibit their inner talent. It was completely practical based so students find interest in participating in such events.




    Department of Sciences organized Department Day cum Farewell Party ‘SAYONARA 2023′ for the outgoing students in the college auditorium. Rev. Sr. Rita graced the occasion with his benign presence. She wished good luck to the final year students for their bright future. Class toppers were awarded with certificates and Mementos and token of love was given to all the final year students by the department. All Final year students contributed Herbarium frames to the department as a gift. After this, students shared their views and experience about the department.



     Dept. of Sciences in collaboration with Sr. Sec. Wing organized Plantation Drive on the occasion of “Van Mahotsav Day” under the theme “Each one, Plant one”. One awareness rally to inculcate the importance of plantation of trees was also organized by the students. Free plant saplings were distributed to the teachers, students, neighbourhood areas and planted in the campus. Each one will take care of that plant for the whole year; will submit a selfie with that plant on the day and at the end of the year.





    Department of science and Sr. Sec. Wing, Trinity College, Jalandhar extends heartfelt gratitude and admiration to ISRO for their remarkable achievement for successfully landing Chandrayaan-3. The mission’s achievements have not only expanded our understanding of the Moon but have also paved the way for India’s continued advancements in space science and exploration.





    Department of science and Institutions innovation council (IIC) Trinity College, Jalandhar organized Expert talk on Chandrayaan-3 for Class XI-XII students to showcased advancements in India’s space technology. Asst. Prof. Kapil  Jairath (TCJ) was the resource person of the event. In this session, Asst. Prof. Kapil Jairath explained in detail about Chandrayaan-3 mission and how this mission incorporated innovative landing systems, navigation techniques and communication protocols, contributing to the country’s expertise in space exploration. This mission will inspire the younger generation to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). This was really an experiential learning session for all the students.



    Department of Sciences and Senior Secondary Wing in collaboration with Institutions Innovation Council (IIC) jointly organized a workshop focusing on “Vegetative Propagation.” The event commenced with a serene prayer session. Serving as the resource person for this workshop was Dr. Rakesh Kumar, the Head of the Department of Botany at Doaba College Jalandhar. Vegetative propagation, which involves the creation of new plants from existing ones, holds immense significance in the realms of agriculture, horticulture and conservation. The primary objective of this workshop was to augment student’s knowledge and hands-on skills in various vegetative propagation techniques. The workshop was thoughtfully structured, comprising a harmonious blend of theoretical sessions, practical demonstrations and interactive discussions. The resource person provided valuable insights into several pivotal workshop topics, which includes: Advanced Grafting Techniques, Tissue Culture and Micro propagation, Innovations in Air Layering and Bioactive Compounds in Plant Growth.





    The Department of Sciences successfully implemented an initiative under a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Ganga Orthocare Hospital in Jalandhar, organizing an educational trip to the facility. Students enrolled in the B.Sc. Medical program, comprising both 2nd and 3rd years, were given the chance to delve into the workings of the hospital& blood bank and pathology laboratory. They gained valuable insights into the complexities of blood donation procedures and had the opportunity to observe the laboratory & infrastructure and equipment. Overall, the visit provided an enriching learning experience for all participating students, deepening their understanding of the field.




    DBT-CTEP Sponsored Popular Lecture Series


    The Department of Sciences has organised a lecture series titled “Bioprospection Approach: Bridging Knowledge to Global Innovation” on April 15 and 16, 2024, sponsored by the Department of Biotechnology (DBT) CTEP, New Delhi, and the Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India. The inaugural session of the lecture series began with prayer and the lighting of a lamp at Bishop Simphorian Hall in the presence of Rev. Fr. Anthony Joseph, Assistant Director TCJ; Rev. Fr. Jebu Joseph, Assistant Director TIMT; Rev. Sisters; Dr. Ajay Prashar, Principal of TCJ; faculty members; teachers; and students from different schools. Dr. Ajay Prashar expressed his gratitude towards DBT CTEP New Delhi for entrusting Trinity College to conduct this lecture series. Event Coordinator Asst. Prof. Minakshi Sharma made students familiar with the objectives of the programme and the lecture schedule. Distinguished resource persons Dr. N. K. Dubey (Ret. Prof., CAS Botany BHU, Varanasi), Dr. Komal Arora (HOD, Department Botany, DAV College, Jalandhar), and Dr. Monika (HOD, Department Sciences, Trinity College Jalandhar) enriched the lecture series with their insights. Their talks ignited a passion for biotechnology prospects, inspiring the students to pursue global innovation.

    The series featured three interactive sessions for participants to learn about the bioprospection approach of biotechnology. On April 15, 2024, the first technical session was delivered by external speaker Dr. N. K. Dubey (CAS Botany BHU, Varanasi), who delivered a talk on “Think Locally, Act Globally with Reference to Ethnomedicinal Plants of India with Special Reference to Bioprospection Approach”. Which focuses on the ethnobotanical importance of medicinal plants with special reference to bioprospection. A second technical session was delivered by Dr. Komal Arora (HOD, Department Botany, DAV College, Jalandhar) on “Biotechnology in Weed Management: Bioherbicides.” Which targets the use of essential oils as bioherbicides in weed management. On April 16, 2024, the third technical session was delivered by Dr. Monika on “Emerging Trends in Biotechnology.” Which targets the use of biotechnology in daily life.

    In the end, Coordinator Asst. Prof. Minakshi Sharma (Department of Sciences) expressed profound gratitude to DBT CTEP for sponsoring the lecture series and to esteemed management for their unwavering support in organising this lecture series. At last, Asst. Prof. Minakshi Sharma acknowledged all participants for their enthusiasm and engagement in the lecture, which created an environment of mutual learning and camaraderie. Their active participation remained the driving force behind the series’ success.



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