Book Bank Facility is available in our college since 2014. Each department hands over books to economically backward and deserving students. The students are allowed to keep the books till their university examinations. These books are donated by teachers, students and from the departmental funds.



The Trinity College provides Counselling Cell for varied range of services for personal, career and educational concerns. The students facing personal, emotional or study related problems may find it helpful to talk to the counselor. This can be a way of taking responsibility for oneself and of taking  positive action. Although there may not be immediate or practical solutions to their difficulties taking them through can often clarify their thoughts and feelings and may help them to see a way forward. The counselling cell has the service of a professionally trained and widely experienced counselors. Strict confidentiality is ensured, and the service is available on individual and group basis. The counselor offers the sessions several times a week for emergency appointments. 


Career counselling is a scheme that is implemented  in Trinity College for the welfare of students. This scheme was implemented in the academic year 2014-15. Career Counselling provides updated information of all job opportunities to the students.


The Induction Programme is organised for all the new batches who join the college. The programme gives the students an insight into the academic opportunities and challenges of life at Trinity. This programme also serves as a platform for the students to interact and get to know one another. During the 2-3 days welcome programme, all the new students are introduced to the clubs and associations, other services and facilities available in the college. On the basis of their active participation, the two bright and active students are selected as Rising Stars of Trinity.


Providing quality education to students is the primary motive of Trinity college. Keeping in view the need of redefining and prioritizing values in the system of Trinity, value education has been added in its curriculum, We pursue this to help our students live a life based on Indian ethics and core values.


  1. We adopt the methodology in which values are caught and taught.
  2. Each session is of 50 minutes duration and is held once in a week.
  3. Group discussions,case studies, role plays, workshops,assignments,outreach programme etc are employed to transact the modules.


Remedial coaching scheme for slow-learners is actively working in Trinity College. This scheme was implemented in the academic year 2015-16.The students benefiting from this scheme are mainly the weak or the poor performing students. It maintains the record of the academically weak and makes probable action plan to better better their performance. Students are given extra time as per the need or recommendation of the HOD of the respective departments.


Trinity College conducts Yoga and Meditations periodically because we realize that through this we get equilibrium to concentrate on the activities of life in a balanced way. World Yoga Day is celebrated in the College in which teachers and students  perform Yoga and Meditations together in the College premises.


“Radiant Star” is a club especially framed for those students, who have been identified as advanced learners on the basis of their overall performance in the class. It has been formed to provide opportunities to the privileged students for polishing their brains. This will enable them to be compatible in today’s competitive era.


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