The research cell in our college is a dedicated department that fosters and facilitates research activities among faculty members and students. It serves as a hub for promoting a culture of research and innovation within the college community. The research cell supports and encourages the pursuit of cutting-edge research across various disciplines, ranging from science and technology to social sciences and humanities. The research cell actively collaborates with other academic institutions, industry partners, and research organizations to promote interdisciplinary research and create opportunities for knowledge exchange. It encourages faculty members and students to publish their research findings in reputed journals and present them at national and international conferences.


  • To promote a research culture and create a conducive environment that encourages faculty members and students to actively engage in research and scholarly activities.
  • To facilitate research projects, provides support and resources to faculty members and students for conducting research and developing research proposals.
  • To organize workshops, seminars, and training sessions to enhance research skills and methodologies
  • To promote collaboration with other academic institutions, industry partners, and research organizations.
  • Recognizing and rewarding research achievements.

Responsibilities of the Research Cell

  • To prepare annual research activity plan for all the departments
  • To monitor the progress and outcomes of research projects.
  • The research cell ensures that all research activities comply with ethical guidelines and regulations.
  • To create funding opportunities for faculty and students.


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