To this day, something that has inevitably traversed various parts of the globe, apart from the wars that mark history, is the most virulent zoonotic disease COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease of 2019), offering people of the world a common culture of ‘social distancing’, ‘masking’, and ‘staying indoors.’ The pandemic has led immeasurably huge populations to practically avoid each other except through Digital Format. A stream of stillness is running through the hard times immensely affecting education, economy, tourism, business, transport and demanding turbulent adjustments in the socio-cultural and religious lives of people.

Apart from being a deadly virus causing a massive increase in mortality rates, spread of Coronavirus has challenged many zones of the economy as a whole. Immobilization in today’s activity has affected more than 90% of the world population, restricting international, local and regional travels. Tourism graphs show a sizeable fall-off adding up to economic crisis. A mammoth fractionate between labour-oriented and service-oriented businesses must not be overlooked when the latter has a better ground of establishing its graphs using lesser labour force in assessment to the former which depends largely and conclusively on the labour force. Creating a business-friendly ecosystem has led businessmen to follow alternatives to bring their work at least to a resume.
Socio-cultural and religious lives of people too are bearing the communicable consequences of the pandemic. The protocol of social distancing is a challenge to ceremonial religious gatherings and the normalcy of socializing has altered itself completely. Whether the economic fallout helps the countries restore their economic status or it brings them (the economies) to a point where they have a probability to re-structure themselves is still a question unsolved. Tech companies, however, are unquestionably presenting a stable graph, if not rising. The monopolization of the economy is being led by the technological sector which has become an indispensable conclusion. It has eventually brought the academic structure under a great knock impacting the system’s integrity; a wholly changed learning pattern has emerged since a few months. The aftermath of the crisis has necessitated the world to come under the shelter of digitization.


Hardly dreamt that traditional classroom study would transform into remote classroom study, thereby, imposing a challenging learning environment on both the learners and the teachers. A non-planned structural change in the educational sector has, inescapably, brought a partially measurable quantity of impacting factors for those joined to the education system — authorities, teachers and learners.

Since the imposition of lockdown, the higher authorities have been burdened with being selective of choosing alternative learning platforms to maintain consistency in the learning levels. Although the web classrooms conducted through Zoom, Google Meet and other online applications have at least resumed the learning process, but they offer a complicated setup for both learners and teachers when the cost tends to rise at both ends. Digital divide happens to take place between low-income and high-income schools. The online learning platform has visibly impacted learners with not only an entirely redefined learning system which makes them learn things passively with comparably less participation than they would have in a physical classroom setup but has also affected their level of overall development. Food insecurity, loss of some near relative or a family member may be expected to heighten students’ fear. The fear of virus imposes itself on the students drastically. Although online pedagogies have created a responsive environment for the methods of teaching, but the effect on the level of professionalism has been altered comparatively, if not entirely.


That the regularity in learning and teaching activities has unstoppably continued even through the times when it was thought to have been halted, at least for some time, has made an audible declaration of sincere working of authorities and teachers in communicating lessons to learners. Perseverance has remained intact through and has served the process of learning a share of resourceful uniformity. Considerable adjustment made by the Educational Sector to the unanticipated shift of the times is strikingly appreciable. The immediate switching of the modes of learning and the acceptability of it by students and learners must not be left undiscussed. Exceptional efforts of the authorities and teachers in re-structuring a student friendly system of education has not let learning take a break. Reaching out to millions of students at their places and providing them a comfortable approach of learning accounts to a refurbishment of edification modes. The student-learner tie has travelled smoothly through the intricate web of the difficult times. Positivity has sustained through and the effects of pandemic and it has not completely altered the psychology of students who are actively responding to the changed modes of learning.

These are but the times of exploring the unvisited places of one’s self, of self-awareness in general and the times to treasure nature and to help recoup its beauty. These are ‘family times’ which have been, for long, consumed by runny thoughts of tired days, of days involving activities. Creativity has got the right time to be explored when we are seeking meaning from idleness. Adjusting to the new modes is an appreciable acceptance of the changing times.The world demands a reception of new perspectives cropping up from a newly defined era which seems to offer a common sense of humanity around the world. These trying times happen to pioneer a need for creating an enhanced world, and we shall achieve it!
I congratulate Trinity Group of Institutions for initiating this blog and all other endeavours for delivering quality education.
My Best wishes to the institution for all its future ventures!

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