Academic Calendar 2018-19

Academic Calendar 2019-20

Theme of the Year: IGNITE INNOVATION 

Date Day Activity Agency
5-Jul-19 Friday Academic Retreat
6-Jul-19 Saturday Academic Retreat
7-Jul-19 Sunday SUNDAY
8-Jul-19 Monday
9-Jul-19 Tuesday
10-Jul-19 Wednesday
11-Jul-19 Thursday
12-Jul-19 Friday
13-Jul-19 Saturday Saturday
14-Jul-19 Sunday SUNDAY
15-Jul-19 Monday REOPENING
16-Jul-19 Tuesday
17-Jul-19 Wednesday Campus Tour Dept of Commerce
18-Jul-19 Thursday
19-Jul-19 Friday
20-Jul-19 Saturday Saturday
21-Jul-19 Sunday SUNDAY
22-Jul-19 Monday
23-Jul-19 Tuesday Vann Mahotsav Dept of Science
24-Jul-19 Wednesday
25-Jul-19 Thursday
26-Jul-19 Friday Commemorate APJ Abdul Kalam Dept of Computer Science
27-Jul-19 Saturday Saturday
28-Jul-19 Sunday SUNDAY
29-Jul-19 Monday Prayer Session
30-Jul-19 Tuesday
31-Jul-19 Wednesday
1-Aug-19 Thursday
2-Aug-19 Friday Quiz Carnival



Senior Secondary Wing

Ist year

3-Aug-19 Saturday Saturday/ Blooming Buds Level 1
4-Aug-19 Sunday SUNDAY
5-Aug-19 Monday
6-Aug-19 Tuesday
7-Aug-19 Wednesday
8-Aug-19 Thursday
9-Aug-19 Friday Talent Hunt and Cultural Fest
10-Aug-19 Saturday Saturday
11-Aug-19 Sunday SUNDAY
12-Aug-19 Monday Extension lecture Dept of Commerce
13-Aug-19 Tuesday
14-Aug-19 Wednesday Independence Day Celebration Student Cabinet
15-Aug-19 Thursday Holiday (Independence Day)
16-Aug-19 Friday
17-Aug-19 Saturday Saturday
18-Aug-19 Sunday SUNDAY
19-Aug-19 Monday
20-Aug-19 Tuesday
21-Aug-19 Wednesday
22-Aug-19 Thursday
23-Aug-19 Friday Workshop for Students Faculty of Arts
24-Aug-19 Saturday Saturday/  Janamashtami
25-Aug-19 Sunday SUNDAY
26-Aug-19 Monday Workshop on Stress Management Senior Secondary Wing
27-Aug-19 Tuesday
28-Aug-19 Wednesday Amal Scaria Endowment Lecture Dept of Comp Sci
29-Aug-19 Thursday
30-Aug-19 Friday Blooming Buds Final Level
31-Aug-19 Saturday Saturday/ PRAKASH UTSAV SHRI GRANTH SAHIB
1-Sep-19 Sunday SUNDAY
2-Sep-19 Monday
3-Sep-19 Tuesday Seminar on First Aid Faculty of Arts
4-Sep-19 Wednesday
5-Sep-19 Thursday Teachers Day Celebration College Cabinet
6-Sep-19 Friday Presentation on Discipline/International literacy Day Senior Secondary Wing/Dept of Eco
7-Sep-19 Saturday Saturday
8-Sep-19 Sunday SUNDAY
9-Sep-19 Monday
10-Sep-19 Tuesday
11-Sep-19 Wednesday Education Trip Dept of Science
12-Sep-19 Thursday  Holiday (Sodal Mela)
13-Sep-19 Friday Student Development Program Dept of Computer Science  and Economics
14-Sep-19 Saturday Saturday
15-Sep-19 Sunday SUNDAY
16-Sep-19 Monday
17-Sep-19 Tuesday
18-Sep-19 Wednesday Mid Sem Exams till 27 Sep 2019
19-Sep-19 Thursday
20-Sep-19 Friday
21-Sep-19 Saturday Saturday
22-Sep-19 Sunday SUNDAY
23-Sep-19 Monday
24-Sep-19 Tuesday
25-Sep-19 Wednesday
26-Sep-19 Thursday
27-Sep-19 Friday
28-Sep-19 Saturday Saturday
29-Sep-19 Sunday SUNDAY
30-Sep-19 Monday Financial Literacy among students Senior Secondary Wing
1-Oct-19 Tuesday
3-Oct-19 Thursday
4-Oct-19 Friday Education Trip/Industrial Trip Dept of Sci/ Dept of Comp Sci
5-Oct-19 Saturday Saturday/ PTM
6-Oct-19 Sunday SUNDAY
7-Oct-19 Monday Workshop On Physical Fitness Senior Secondary Wing
8-Oct-19 Tuesday HOLIDAY (DUSHERA)
9-Oct-19 Wednesday EAC Dept of Commerce
10-Oct-19 Thursday EAC Dept of Commerce
11-Oct-19 Friday Industrial visit Dept of Commerce
12-Oct-19 Saturday Saturday
14-Oct-19 Monday
15-Oct-19 Tuesday
16-Oct-19 Wednesday
17-Oct-19 Thursday
18-Oct-19 Friday
19-Oct-19 Saturday Saturday
20-Oct-19 Sunday SUNDAY
21-Oct-19 Monday
22-Oct-19 Tuesday
23-Oct-19 Wednesday
24-Oct-19 Thursday Economic Survey Dept of Science
25-Oct-19 Friday Diwali celebrations Faculty of Arts
26-Oct-19 Saturday Saturday
27-Oct-19 Sunday SUNDAY/ DIWALI
29-Oct-19 Tuesday
30-Oct-19 Wednesday
31-Oct-19 Thursday
1-Nov-19 Friday
2-Nov-19 Saturday Saturday
3-Nov-19 Sunday SUNDAY
4-Nov-19 Monday
5-Nov-19 Tuesday
6-Nov-19 Wednesday
7-Nov-19 Thursday
8-Nov-19 Friday Tribute to Baba Nanak Faculty of Arts
9-Nov-19 Saturday Saturday
10-Nov-19 Sunday SUNDAY
11-Nov-19 Monday
13-Nov-19 Wednesday
14-Nov-19 Thursday Children Day Celebration Senior Secondary Wing
15-Nov-19 Friday
16-Nov-19 Saturday Saturday
17-Nov-19 Sunday SUNDAY
18-Nov-19 Monday
19-Nov-19 Tuesday
20-Nov-19 Wednesday National Seminar Dept of Computer Science  & Economics
21-Nov-19 Thursday
22-Nov-19 Friday Class on Emotional Balance Senior Secondary Wing
23-Nov-19 Saturday Saturday
24-Nov-19 Sunday SUNDAY
25-Nov-19 Monday FDP till 4 Dec 2019/ Exams For Senior Secondary Wing
26-Nov-19 Tuesday
27-Nov-19 Wednesday
28-Nov-19 Thursday
29-Nov-19 Friday
30-Nov-19 Saturday Saturday
2-Dec-19 Monday
3-Dec-19 Tuesday
4-Dec-19 Wednesday
5-Dec-19 Thursday
6-Dec-19 Friday
7-Dec-19 Saturday Saturday
8-Dec-19 Sunday SUNDAY
9-Dec-19 Monday
10-Dec-19 Tuesday
11-Dec-19 Wednesday
12-Dec-19 Thursday
13-Dec-19 Friday
14-Dec-19 Saturday Saturday
15-Dec-19 Sunday SUNDAY
16-Dec-19 Monday
17-Dec-19 Tuesday
18-Dec-19 Wednesday
19-Dec-19 Thursday PTM for Senior Secondary
20-Dec-19 Friday Christmas Celebrations Senior Secondary Wing
21-Dec-19 Saturday


Date Day Activity Agency
6-Jan-20 Monday REOPENING
7-Jan-20 Tuesday
8-Jan-20 Wednesday
9-Jan-20 Thursday
10-Jan-20 Friday
11-Jan-20 Saturday Saturday
12-Jan-20 Sunday SUNDAY
13-Jan-20 Monday Lohri Celebration Dept of Commerce
15-Jan-20 Wednesday
16-Jan-20 Thursday Research Day Dept of Commerce
17-Jan-20 Friday Workshop for students /Guruparb Celebration Dept of Science/Dept of Comp Sci
18-Jan-20 Saturday Saturday
19-Jan-20 Sunday SUNDAY
20-Jan-20 Monday
21-Jan-20 Tuesday
22-Jan-20 Wednesday
23-Jan-20 Thursday Seminar on BR Ambedkar/ Guest Lecture Faculty of Arts/Dept of Eco
24-Jan-20 Friday Republic Day Celebration Student Council
25-Jan-20 Saturday Saturday
27-Jan-20 Monday PreBoard for +2 till 7 Feb Senior Secondary Wing
28-Jan-20 Tuesday
29-Jan-20 Wednesday
30-Jan-20 Thursday
31-Jan-20 Friday Guest Lecture Dept of computer Sci
1-Feb-20 Saturday Saturday
2-Feb-20 Sunday SUNDAY
3-Feb-20 Monday
4-Feb-20 Tuesday
5-Feb-20 Wednesday
6-Feb-20 Thursday Extension Lecture Dept of Commerce
7-Feb-20 Friday Debate On Bugdet Dept of Economics
8-Feb-20 Saturday Saturday
10-Feb-20 Monday
11-Feb-20 Tuesday
12-Feb-20 Wednesday PTM for senior secondary
13-Feb-20 Thursday Sports week cum Annual day
14-Feb-20 Friday Sports week cum Annual day
15-Feb-20 Saturday Saturday/Sports week cum Annual Day
16-Feb-20 Sunday SUNDAY
17-Feb-20 Monday Farewell Senior Secondary Wing
18-Feb-20 Tuesday
19-Feb-20 Wednesday
20-Feb-20 Thursday Memory Training Seminar Dept of Science
21-Feb-20 Friday HOLIDAY MAHA SHIVRATRI/ Ma Boli Diwas Faculty of Arts
22-Feb-20 Saturday Saturday
23-Feb-20 Sunday SUNDAY
24-Feb-20 Monday  Final Examination till 9th  March +1 Senior Secondary Wing
25-Feb-20 Tuesday
26-Feb-20 Wednesday
27-Feb-20 Thursday
28-Feb-20 Friday National Seminar Dept of Commerce
29-Feb-20 Saturday Saturday
1-Mar-20 Sunday SUNDAY
2-Mar-20 Monday
3-Mar-20 Tuesday
4-Mar-20 Wednesday EAC Dept of Commerce
5-Mar-20 Thursday EAC Dept of Commerce
6-Mar-20 Friday Industrial Visit Dept of Commerce
7-Mar-20 Saturday Saturday/ Trip
8-Mar-20 Sunday SUNDAY
9-Mar-20 Monday
10-Mar-20 Tuesday HOLIDAY ( HOLI)
11-Mar-20 Wednesday
12-Mar-20 Thursday Seminar cum Workshop Dept of Science
13-Mar-20 Friday Visit to University Dept of Science
14-Mar-20 Saturday Saturday
15-Mar-20 Sunday SUNDAY
16-Mar-20 Monday
17-Mar-20 Tuesday
18-Mar-20 Wednesday
19-Mar-20 Thursday
20-Mar-20 Friday English Carnival Faculty of Arts
21-Mar-20 Saturday Saturday
22-Mar-20 Sunday SUNDAY
23-Mar-20 Monday Business Activity /Result of +1 Dept of Commerce
24-Mar-20 Tuesday
25-Mar-20 Wednesday
26-Mar-20 Thursday
27-Mar-20 Friday
28-Mar-20 Saturday Saturday
29-Mar-20 Sunday SUNDAY
30-Mar-20 Monday
31-Mar-20 Tuesday
1-Apr-20 Wednesday
2-Apr-20 Thursday HOLIDAY (RAM NAVMI)
3-Apr-20 Friday
4-Apr-20 Saturday Saturday
5-Apr-20 Sunday SUNDAY
7-Apr-20 Tuesday  Reopening for +2 Classes
8-Apr-20 Wednesday
9-Apr-20 Thursday
10-Apr-20 Friday  HOLIDAY (Good Friday)
11-Apr-20 Saturday Saturday
12-Apr-20 Sunday SUNDAY
13-Apr-20 Monday
15-Apr-20 Wednesday
16-Apr-20 Thursday
17-Apr-20 Friday
18-Apr-20 Saturday Saturday
19-Apr-20 Sunday SUNDAY
20-Apr-20 Monday
21-Apr-20 Tuesday
22-Apr-20 Wednesday
23-Apr-20 Thursday
24-Apr-20 Friday Farewell
25-Apr-20 Saturday Saturday
26-Apr-20 Sunday SUNDAY
27-Apr-20 Monday
28-Apr-20 Tuesday
29-Apr-20 Wednesday
30-Apr-20 Thursday
1-May-20 Friday
2-May-20 Saturday Saturday
3-May-20 Sunday SUNDAY
4-May-20 Monday Reopening for +1






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