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Enhancement Programs

When new batches of the students join the college, induction programme is organised for all the new students. Apart from giving newcomers, some insight into the programmes they have chosen, the induction program provides an opportunity for the students to know one another.

During 2 to 3 days welcome programme, all the new students and their parents are introduced to the clubs and associations, other services and the facilities available in the college. The program is held for all the new students which gives them an insight into academic opportunities and challenges of life at Trinity. The program includes Parents Day which gives both the parents and the students a taste of life in Trinity campus. On the basis of their active participation, the two bright and active students are selected as Rising Stars of Trinity.


Induction Program 2017: The Road to Trinity Begins…Pinnacle 2017 : Two Days Pinnacle 2017 was inaugurated on 14 July 2017. The inaugural session commenced with a brief introduction of what Induction is all about. The blessings of the Almighty were invoked to start the Induction program. Chief Guest of the day was Rev. Fr Peter Director of the college. Asst.Prof. Ajay Prasher Principal of the college was also present there. Floral welcome was given by the Coordinator of the program. .Fr Peter motivated the students to love their parents specially their mother in his message.

Day 1

On 14 July the program was designed for senior secondary students. The program coordinator was Asst. Prof. Puja Gaba. Where all 10+1 students were made them familiar with college Vision Mission and college environment. All together 76 students from various stream attended the program with keen interest. On the basis of the participation and performance by the students in various activities Mr. Gopal from 10+1 Medical and Miss Kajal from 10+1 Medical were chosen as Rising Star. . They were awarded with beautiful gifts by Chief Guests and Coordinator. Principal Asst. Prof. Ajay Prashar encouraged the students to dream high and work hard to fulfill their dreams in his message for students.

Day 2

On 15 July, the students of graduation were introduced with the college ambience. Total 45 students attended the program .The program coordinator was Asst. Prof Nidhi . Similar to senior secondary students , they were made clear about college clubs rules and facilities available therein. Further they were helped to set their vision mission and goal and motivated to achieve them in coming years of study. Students enthusiastically participated in games session which were designed to make them learn the team spirit. At the end of session, Ms Little Flower from B.Sc. ( Eco) and Mr Jobin from BCA were declared to be rising stars.


Providing quality education to students is the primary motive of Trinity college’ Keeping in view the Need of redefining and prioritizing values in the system of Trinity. Value education has been added in its Curriculum .we pursue this to help our students live a life based on Indian ethos and core value.


  • To help the students clarify the personal,social and spiritual values.
  • To involve students in different task where values can be caught rather than taught.
  • To help students discover importance of value based life.
  • To give clear understandings of value system and priorities.
  • To mould a morally upright generation as stated in the mission statement.
  • To aware about the social responsibility
  • To acknowledge and award deserving students in this respect


  • we adopt the methodology in which values are caught and taught.
  • There will be sessions of 60 minutes duration once in a week.
  • Group discussions,case studies, role plays, workshops,assignments.,outreach programme etc will be employed to transact the modules

Topics for Value Education
Semester January to April 2018

Sr. No Date Topic
1 23 Jan. 2018



2 30 Jan.2018

Servant Leader


3 7 Feb.2018 Media-How to use it positively
4 13 Feb.2018

Role Model


5 20Feb.2018

My Family & I belong to it


6 27 Feb.2018

I am the care taker of Nature


7 6 March 2018

Dreaming Big


8 13 March 2018 Family Values & My responsibility
9 6 April 2018

My God is loving God


10 10  April 2018

Positive Thinking



Remedial coaching scheme or support cell for slow-learners is actively working in Trinity College coordinated by Asst. Prof.  Manveet Kaur. This scheme was implemented in the academic year 2015-16.The students benefiting from this scheme are many because in his scheme mainly the weak or the poor performing students are focused. Number of the students enrolled are 67 from various departments. To maintain the record of academically weak and failed students and to make probable action plan if necessary for their better improvement.Data of the students who are academically weak was collected by each mentor and there was regular monitoring of these students by the mentors. Students are given extra attention  as per the need or by the recommendation of the HOD of the respective departments. The department wise  data is as follows –

Name of the capability enhancement scheme Year of implementation Number of students enrolled Name of the agencies involved with contact details
Remedial Coaching 2016-17  8 Department of Computer Science
Remedial Coaching 2016-17 35 Department of Commerce
Remedial Coaching 2016-17 4 Department of Economics and Science
Remedial Coaching 2016-17 20 Faculty of Arts


Trinity College conducts Yoga and Meditations periodically because we realize that through this we get equilibrium to concentrate on the activities of life in a balanced way. World Yoga Day is celebrated in the College by the NSS Department guided by Asst. Prof. Navdeep Singh in which teachers and students  perform Yoga and Meditations together in the College premises.Students are encouraged to do meditations and personal reflections during the Value Education classes conducted every week. The details are as follows –

Name of the capability enhancement scheme Year of implementation Number of students enrolled Name of the agencies involved with contact details
Yoga and Meditation 2017-18 100 NSS and NCC  in collaboration with Akhil Bhartiya Yog Sansthaa
Yoga and Meditation 2016 – 17 100 NSS and NCC  in collaboration with Akhil Bhartiya Yog Sansthaa
Yoga and Meditation 2015-16 80 NSS and NCC