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Women Development

Education has unfolded numerous vistas for women to exercise their potential in different arenas. There is not even a single field where women have not established a landmark for themselves. Keeping the need of realizing the potential of women in mind, Trinity College inaugurated the Women Cell on 21st August, 2010. The cell has been established to acquaint the girl students of the college with their rights.
To create awareness among the female students related to protection rights against domestic violence.
To promote equality of women in society.
To make them self-dependent so that they can face the challenges in their lives.
To inculcate the spirit of freedom.
To create opportunities for the girl students to boost their confidence.
To help them learn how to defend themselves.
To create awareness regarding issues related to social evils.


  1. Awareness campaigns.
  2. Debates and seminars
  3. Women’s Day to be celebrated
  4. Karate demonstration for self-defense to be introduced.
  5. Outreach Programmes