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Social Welfare


Outreach is an effort by individuals in an organization or group to connect its ideas or practices to the efforts of other organizations, groups, specific audiences and the general public. Outreach programmes are a standard way for groups such as social service agencies, non-profit groups or other religious groups to identify a certain specific need in its community and provide services to the people who need it. The overriding function of most community outreach programs is to fulfill a goal. The function is to identify a specific demography, study their needs, surrounding particular issues and create a program to help them recover, learn or become self-sufficient.
Trinity College is known for its services to the humanity. Every year each department takes its students to various places for outreach progamme where they can interact with mentally and physically challenged, disabled, orphan  and poor people.

Objectives of outreach programmes:

To raise awareness about prevention, treatment, care and social services for HIV/AIDS Patients, destitute etc.
To create support for the target population and communities.
To provide resources and referrals of current services.
To educate community in general.
To provide life saving information and messages.
To foster networking and collaboration.
To collect findings/data for research.
To build self-esteem among targeted population.
To change attitudes to foster behavioural modification and implementation of harm reduction strategies.
Overall, outreach efforts are important for effective prevention programming.
Outreach programmes are promoted by all the departments of Trinity. They provide public service opportunities to all members of the Trinity community. The goal is to create and foster a vibrant commitment to community service through social activities which is the true quality of a humane and sensitive citizen. A variety of programmes are charted by the individual departments to promote genuine human interaction between the members of the college community and our neighbouring villages and beyond.






1.Department of  Economics  organized an outreach programme on  11th October 2017 to Apahaj  Ashram near H.M.V College  on G.T road Jalandhar. Seventeen students of  B.SC(Economics) and B.SC(Medical)  visited the ashram alongwith four faculty teachers i.e. Asstt. Prof .Navdeep Kaur , Asstt. Prof. Ikaasdeep Singh, Asstt. Prof. Rahul, Asstt. Prof. Monica. Our students distributed biscuits, 36 bed sheets, fruits and old clothes to the needy people.

2. Department of Commerce  organized an OUTREACH PROGRAMME on 3rd October,2017 at Tyagmurti Old Age Home. The students had a friendly conversation with the inmates and also distributed sweets and clothes.

3. Department of  Arts  organized an OUTREACH PROGRAMME on 3rd October,2017 at Guru Nanak Anatha Ashram. The department distributed vegetables, sweets and clothes. The students enriched the inmates with melodious songs and friendly interactions.

4. The department of computer science organized outreach programme to “APAHAJ HOME” situated at Jalandhar. 31 students and 5 teachers participated in this programme. They visited the inmates and distributed bed sheets, clothes and fruits. Students of the department entertained the inmates by singing and dancing with them. Some of the inmates shared their experience and life stories to the students. Some students assisted them in their house chores. The visit gave a touching experience to the students as well as the teachers.