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Awards & Recognition

The college for encouraging and identifying the diiferent capabilities of the students provides for various awards and recognition every year. The criterion of every award is predefined and is communicated to everybody in advance. The various awards are:


Best class award is instituted to recognize the talents and capabilities of the students coming from different strata of the society. Under this, the individual performance is not taken into account but the group performance is measured and evaluated both in qualitative and quantitative form. This award encourages them to come forward and exhibit their talents. Rt. Rev. Dr. ANIL JOSEPH COUTO, Patron of the college and Bishop of the Diocese of Jalandhar was gracious enough to institute a Trophy and Cash award for the Best Class selected on prefixed criteria.


In order to explore and enhance the ability of the students to communicate in English , Trinity college provides lot of opportunities to the students in various ways. At the end of each session the best English speaking class is rewarded with The Twinkling English Champ Award .


Two girls, one from English medium and one from Punjab/Hindi medium and two boys one from English medium and one from Punjabi/Heidi medium will be selected from each and they will be given prizes. The criteria for selection will be as follows:


Mother Teresa award, instituted by the Women’s Cell is conferred on the ‘most graceful woman’ on the campus every year who exhibits extra ordinary qualities in herself. The criteria for selection will be announced in the beginning of the session and the result of the evaluation team will be declared at the end of the session. This award aims to inculcate the message of respecting womanhood among students by acknowledging and honouring a woman in the campus who is passionate, sincere and contributes for the well being of the society in which she lives.


The basic purpose of preparing class representative’s diary is to make the students responsible & aware of what is happening around, confidence building and inspire them to take initiative in taking the lead. This will make them prepare themselves for facing various challenges in life.

English Knight riders Trophy

The Trophy is instituted to reward the best English speaking department. The purpose behind launching this award is to encourage the students of the college to enhance their English speaking capacities.

English Budding Stars

Trinity College has taken a leap ahead by establishing English Budding Stars Trophy for the best English speaking group of Bridge Course in English. The college gives a platform to those who are less privileged in English language by improving their basic English speaking skills.

Best Outgoing Students

Life spent in college is cherished for a lifetime keeping this dictum in mind, Trinity college has had a custom of selecting the best outgoing students from all the departments every year. The awardees are adjudged on the basis of the prefixed criteria.

Shining Becons

The award is given to the most deserving members of  Radiant Stars, a club for advanced learners. All through the year, the members are observed and evaluated for their good work done.