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Sports & Games

The mission of the Physical Education Program in the Trinity College is to provide a comprehensive, progressive, and articulated physical education program through quality, research-based K-12 instruction. Our students will attain the knowledge and skills to be physically active and healthy for life in the 21st century.

All students will be physically active and educated, having acquired motor kills to perform a variety of physical activities, physical fitness knowledge, and intrinsic motivation to pursue a healthy and active lifestyle.

We believe…

  • Daily physical activity and health literacy are essential to the whole child.
  • Each student has differing abilities and aptitudes for learning motor skills. The rate and style at which motor skills are mastered also differ among students and within each student from time to time.
  • In the value of fitness practices to increase lifetime activity and reduce sedentary behaviors.
  • That by integrating physical fitness into the broad range of activities that children enjoy, a bond is established between gaining and maintaining fitness and having fun while playing alone or with others.
  • That less emphasis should be put upon competition in physical education activities and more emphasis on personal best and improvement.
  • That all children can improve their health thereby enhancing their ability to learn and be successful in school.
  • That physical activity provides the opportunity for enjoyment, challenge, self-expression, and social interaction.
  • That assessment must be continuous and is a vital part of the physical education program.
  • A variety of evaluative techniques should be used for determining individual differences and needs of students.
  • Highly qualified teachers will deliver an aligned curriculum of best practices to all students.
  • Physical Education teachers require content specific staff development and opportunities for collaboration.
  • Parents and community members are vital components for the success of the program.

College offers various games where students from different streams and classes can join these games. Teams formed under each game get the opportunity to play at inter college and inter university level. The national level training is provided to the selected players. Various games offered in college are:
1. Athletics
2.Ball badminton
7.Table Tennis
8. Kho-Kho
9.Net ball and soft ball
At the end of  every year annual sports day is celebrated to cherish the moments of sportsmanship where the best player in every game is awarded with a certificate.

» Special facilities, incentives and fee concession are provided to the position holders.
» Quality infrastructure
» Services of the Best Coaches
» Trinity Cricket Academy (Any body can join this academy at very nominal monthly charges and build a career  through Cricket)

Activities 2017-18

Sr no
Month and Year
1 July 2017 Conducted selection trail for various games like cricket, football, volleyball, basketball, table tennis and chess.
2 August 2017 Conducted coaching camp for basket ball, football, cricket for sec. secondary and graduation wing.
3 September 2017 Our college students participated in CCL league which was in Jaipur and won the runner-up trophy.
4 October 2017

1.Conducted Intramural cricket (Men) competition for the sec. secondary wing.

2.Conducted Inter-college cricket tournament in college ground.

5 November 2017 Conducted Intramural Football (Women) competition for the sec. secondary wing.
6 March 2018 1.Our two students participated in SPL Open T-20 cricket tournament conducted in Maharashtra.
2.Our student Manpreet singh from BA 1 year selected by Harbhajan singh cricket Academy. He had gone to Dubai to play HKSZ Dubai youth world cup Warm-Up tour 2018.
3.Our football team was participated in tournament which was held in lovely professional University.
4.Our two students were participated in chess tournament which was held in lovely professional University.