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Computer Lab is the heart of the department. It facilitates the students to study their subjects with more practical approach. At present we have 2 air conditioned computer labs equipped with 50 computers, branded desktops and licensed software. The computers are available to the students on the basis of 1:1 ratio.  Lab provides 24 hrs Broadband internet connection with wi-fi facility to the students and the faculty members. ITALC (Intelligent Teaching Learning with Computer ) software is also installed to manage the labs through network. 


In this modern age of rapid growth in education and technology, the role of library has to be redefined and reformed to make it an all embracing system available to everyone. We are redefining it as a place to get unrestricted access to information in many formats and from many sources. The Trinitarian Library is undergoing changes in its functioning and is trying to extend its services beyond the physical wall of a building by making every kind of material accessible through electronic means.

Library hours
The library has extended opening hours both during and after teaching periods. The library remains open from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on all working days. On an average, 150 readers make use of the library facilities every day.

Organization of the library

The library has three main sections: Lending section, Reference section and Reading room. All the materials in the library are scientifically classified and arranged in various sections as per the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) method. Each book is assigned a call number which consists of a class number and book number. Class number is assigned to a book according to its subject matter. Book number individualizes a book among other having the same class number. In this arrangement, books on the same subject are kept with those on related subjects coming next to them.  Faculty and students have the facility of open access to all the collections available in the library. The entire function of the library is managed with the help of the library software. The library has a collection of around 7034 books under 15 different disciplines. A good majority of the books in the library are in English. There are books in Hindi and Punjabi also. The thrust area of this library are Computer Science, Commerce, Literature, Sociology, Philosophy, Psychology, History and General Knowledge.

 List of Journals

  • Indian journal of Finance
  • Indian journal of Management
  • The Economic World
  • Yojana
  • Omega
  • Christian Orient
  • Economic & Political weekly
  • University News
  • Krishtu Jyoti
  • Vidya Jyoti Journal
  • Loyala Journal of Social Sciences
  • The Tribune
  • Ajit (Punjabi)
  • Punjab Kesari(Hindi)
  • Jag Bani (Punjabi)
  • Dainik Jagran (Hindi)
  • Dainik Sawera (Hindi
  • Dainik Bhaskar (Hindi)
  • Punjabi Tribune
  • India Today
  • The Week & Pol. Weekly
  • Herald of health
  • Teenager
  • Sada Zamana
  • Digit
  • Pravachan
  • Vachanotsavam(H)
  • Vachnotsavam(E)
  • Inspirational Quote
  • Indian currents
  • Tits Bits
  • Kahani Dhara
  • Primary Sikhiya
  • Pankarian
  • Dharat Punjab
  • CSR & GK Today
  • NBT Newsletter
  • Brainfeed
  • Pallikutam
  • Word & Worship
  • Vachan Dhara
    Reading Room
    Trinity College has a large reading room furnished with comfortable tables and chairs where the students can read newspapers, magazines and reference materials which are not allowed to be taken outside the library. Students and other users may keep it in mind that they are not allowed to use the reading room for any other purposes, even for reading books which do not belong to the library.

    Reference Section
     The library has a good reference collection consisting of Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Year Books, Almanacs and Atlases of international repute.


The College has a well equipped conference hall where the teaching modules are taken by the faculty with the help of ICT. Fully air conditioned hall provides audio visual aid, so guest lectures; seminars and various other curricular activities are conducted here. It has a seating capacity of 300 people.


Self understanding and self discipline falls under the section of the physical education and the physical education department of the college is dedicated to this cause. The department is making consistent progress in various fields. It provides various indoor games like chess, table tennis, carom etc.


The college consists of two major canteens one for the faculty members and the other for the students.. These cafeterias cater for refreshment and eatables to the students, hostellers, faculty and the operating staff respectively. The cafeterias are very spacious in order to accommodate large number of students and also  have comfortable sitting arrangement.



College Auditorium is a multi-purpose space that is heavily used by the department throughout the college’s academic year.  It has the sloped floor which enable proper view from the audience to the stage. Facilities like lobby, sound system, flexible light system and projector space are special characteristics of the auditorium. It has a seating capacity of 500 people.



Hostel is a home away from home for Trinity students. All the hostel students must keep this family spirit with them. Staying in hostel is a great opportunity to learn team spirit and gain good friends. However, study is the primary objective of staying in hostel. Hostel rules are framed to help students to study well. All the students must strictly follow the rules and other guidelines given by the hostel directors. Girl students are accommodated in Assisi Bhawan Hostel run by Missionaries of Jesus sisters. Boy students are accommodated in Holy Cross Hostel under the directorship of Rev. Fr. Antony Thuruthil.


Bus facility is available at very nominal charges for the following stoppages: Kishanpura, Lambapind, Chogitty, Ramamandi, Dokoha, Dusshera ground (Cantt.), B.S.F Chownk, Garha, Urban Estate, Bus Stand, Railway Road, Bhagat Singh Chowk, P.A.P and others as per the need of students. It will be free for some specific routes. Bus Passes are available for the students availing Punjab roadways bus Service. One vehicle will be available at PAP bus Stop to pick the students to the College.                  

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