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RTI4 (I) (b)-2005 Trinity College

Trinity College, Jalandhar

Information under Section 4(1)(b) of The Right to Information Act

  1. The particulars of the Organization, Functions and Duties Trinity College

Trinity College, Jalandhar affiliated to GURU NANAK DEV University, Amritsar (ref. no. 1358/colleges dated 10-04-2002) is owned and managed by Trinity College Educational Society, a Christian Minority Community under the auspices of Diocese of Jalandhar, is a registered charitable society (vide no. DIC/Jal./89 2003-2004 dated 22-07-2003) under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860).

Rt. Rev. Dr Franco Mulakkal, the bishop of Jalandhar is the president of the Society.

Trinity College envisions becoming a torchbearer in quality education and it strives to provide the moral values to its students in order to make them better human beings. The Vision and Mission of the college is stated below:


We envision our college as a prime mover in transformative education, broadening the cognitive, experimental and spiritual horizons of students, leading them to higher realms (ad altiora) of human life on earth.


We at Trinity College commit ourselves to the creation of a society wherein the youth are characterized by INTELLECTUAL STIMULATION, MORAL UPRIGHTNESS AND SPIRITUAL ENLIGHTENMENT,



​Rt. Rev. Dr. Franco Mulakkal, President Trinity College Education society

Rev.Fr. Xavier Thazhathuvattil, Chairman, diocesan board of education,

Rev.Fr. Peter, Director of Trinity College, Jalandhar

Rev.Fr. Jibin, Asst. Director, Trinity College, Jalandhar

Asst. Prof. Ajay Prashar, Principal, Trinity College, Jalandhar

Prof. (Dr.) Fr. Johnson, Dean, Trinity College, Jalandhar

Rev. Sr. Rita Maria DM, Co-ordinator of office & admission cell,

Rev. Sr. Prema, in-charge, Trinity College, Jalandhar Sr. Sec. Wing

Rev. Sr. Merin Asst. in-charge, Academic Sr. Sec. Wing

  1. The powers and Duties of its officers and employees

          The Power and duties of its Officers and employees are contemplated in

Memorandum of Association of Trinity College Education Society,

Employees Duties and Power defined in the Service Rule and in

H R Policy.

 The procedure followed in the decision making process, including channels of supervision and accountability

The College is taking adequate initiatives in making the teachers, students and stakeholder participate in the decision making bodies. The head of the departments who are representatives of their respective departments are the members of all decision making bodies.

First of all, H.O.D meeting is conducted with the management then important issues and decisions are discussed in the Academic Council meeting where various modifications are done and after that all the decisions are announced in the staff meeting.

We have a hierarchy of governing bodies which helps in decentralization for ensuring participation of all the following bodies in a synchronized system of events, plans and activities:

  1. Educational Society: It includes the executives mentioned in the Memorandum of Association of the society who are leading the path towards excellence
  2. Governing Body: It includes Director and Assistant Director of the college, Nominees of the society and the Principal who are striving to take the college to the heights which know no sky.
  3. Administrative body: It includes Director and Assistant Director of the college, Nominees of the society, office Superintendant and, Principal of the college who are doing their every bit to take the institution to touch the new facets.
  4. IQAC: It includes IQAC members suggested by NAAC, such as management, Principal, H.O.D’S, Students, Alumnae, Educators, stakeholders.
  5. O.D’s: It includes Head of the departments or delegates
  6. Academic Council: It includes management, Principal, H.O.D’S, IQAC members.
  7. Students Cabinet: President. Vice-President, Secretary, Joint Secretary, Sports Coordinator, Cultural coordinator and Spoksman are also part of decision making.   
  1. The norms set by it for the discharge of its functions

College follows the norms and directives of GURU NANAK DEV University Amritsar, UGC and Department of legal and legislative affairs, Punjab.

  1. The rules, regulations, instructions, manuals and records, held by it or under its control or used by its employees for discharging its functions

Trinity College follows all the Rules and regulations to its employees for discharging its functions. It is very clearly reflected in HR Policy.

There are several committees in the college, who participate in decision-making process for all aspects of teaching, learning, evaluation and extension services.

  1. A statement of the categories of documents that are held by it or under its control

Guidelines/instructions issued from time to time.  Records related to students, employees, administration, finance, etc. were documented very systematically.


  1. The particulars of any arrangement that exists for consultation with, or representation by the Members of the public in relation to the formulation of its policy or implementation thereof

IQAC has vital role in the formation of the policy making where Head of the institution, a few senior administrative officers, three to eight teachers, one member from the Management, one/two nominees from local society, Students and Alumni, one/two nominees from Employers /Industrialists/ stakeholders are members. Trinity Education Society is also involved in formulating the policy matters.

  1. A statement of the boards, councils , committees and other bodies consisting of two or more persons constituted as its part or for the purpose of its advice, and as to whether meetings of those boards, councils, committees and other bodies are open to the public, or the minutes of such meetings are accessible for public.

Administrative Committee, Academic Council, IQAC, Committee for  Research, Board of Examinations, Anti-Ragging  Committee, Committee for Prevention and Redressal of sexual Harassment at college campus, Student Grievance Committee, SCI ST Cell, Student’s Welfare Committee and Finance Committee, etc. extending decisive role the smooth administration of Trinity College.

The meetings of these councils, committees etc. are related to the academic and administrative decisions making and are open to the public especially to the stakeholders.

  1. A directory of its officers and employees
No. Name Designation Subject/Dept Email Id Mobile no.
1 Mr. Ajay Prashar Principal Mathematics prashar77@yahoo.com 9855297007
2 Mrs. Baljeet Kaur Asst. Prof. History baljitkaur_bagga@rediffmail.com 9465759297
3 Mrs. Puja Gaba Asst. Prof. Commerce pujaaroray2@yahoo.co.in 9814877749
4 Mrs. Nidhi Sharma Asst. Prof. Economics nidhi_arnav@yahoo.co.in 9872802171
5 Mrs. InderpreetKaur Asst. Prof. Commerce isha.singh05@gmail.com 9041940458
6 Mrs. Neetu Khanna Asst. Prof. Commerce neetu_591982@yahoo.com 9780030151
7 Mr.Navdeep Singh Asst. Prof. Computer Sc navdeep_singh8325f@yahoo.com 9888738909
8 Mrs. Jessy Julian Asst. Prof. Computer Sc jessy_julian@yahoo.co.in 9463089609
9 Mr. Ashok kumar Asst. Prof. Punjabi paul.boy65@yahoo.com 9888197096
10 Mr,Malkiat Singh Asst. Prof. Punjabi mmsohnie9@gmail.com 9855981100
11 Mrs.Samriti Sarangal Asst. Prof. Commerce samritiswatantra@gmail.com 9876101174
12 Mrs. Isha Guleria Asst.  Prof. Chemistry ishahmr@gmail.com 9056950352
13 Mrs.Rajinder Kaur Asst. Prof. Computer Sc raj_kahlon2003@yahoo.co.in 9814210119
14 Ms. Daljit kaur Asst. Prof. Political Sc djkaur.asr@gmail.com 9464069107
15 Mr. Karanvir Asst. Prof. Physical Edu panditkaranvir@gmail.com 9876680906
16 Sr.Merin Asst.Prof. English mkunnathara@yahoo.in 8968692343
17 Manisha Rani Asst.Prof. Mathematics manisha.ishpunyani@gmail.com 7988783709
18 Mrs.Parminder Kaur Asst.Prof Punjabi Parminder85@gmail.com 9501453940
19 Ms. Megha Asst. Prof. Commerce meghasadana92@gmail.com 9988107395
20 Ms.Pratibha Asst.prof. English Pratibhajyoti03@gmail.com 9988966618
21 Ms.Navdeep Kaur Asst.Prof. Economics naina_8017@gmail.com. 9988399057
22 Ms.Harpreet Kaur Asst.Prof Commerce harpreet.kaur0859@gmail.com 9501950008
23 Mr. Rahul  Sekhri Asst.Prof Physics Rahulsekhri19921@yahoo.com 8968574545
24 Dr.Sunil.Kumar Asst.prof Commerce Prof-ska@yahoo.com 9872802345
25 Mrs.Manveet Kaur Asst.Prof Computer Sc mrockersrock@yahoo.in 9779834403
26 Dr.Isha Asst.Prof Sociology IshaSingh05@gmail.com 8146204068
27 Mr.Suresh Lokhande Asst.Prof. English Sureshlokhande791@gmail.com 8054157525
28 Mrs.Deepika Sachdeva Asst.Prof. Mathematics elegantdeep.19@gmail.com 9888981632
29 Mrs.Ritu Bala Asst.Prof Hindi asarangal@gmail.com 9780713536
30 Ms.Nancy Asst.Prof. Punjabi Nancy Behal1992@gmail.com 8054961229
31 Dr.Rashmi Asst.Prof. Chemistry RSharma082@gmail.com 9501109023
32 Ms.Navodita Asst.Prof. Mathematics iannavodita@gmail.com 9569988207
33 Mr.Gantavya Asst.Prof. Computer Sc Gantavyatalwar@gmail.com 7355335186
34 Dr. Dharamvir Kanda Asst.Prof. Zoology dharamvirkanda@gmail.com 8054977661
35. Mr. Kapil Kumar Asst. Prof. Physics Kapilj1980@gmail.com 9464258629

Non-Teaching/Office Staff Directory 2017-2018

No. Name Designation Email Id Mobile no.
1 Mr. Peter Office Asst 9878372271
2 Mr. Ajit Gardener 9217287024
3 Mrs. Bhupinder Sweeper 9888169606
4 Mr. Sandeep Peon 7528903554
5 Mr. Shammi Raj Gatekeeper 9781490517
6 Mr. Naveen Accountant naveenmt25@gmail.com 9815484696
7 Mr. Tirath Ram Asst. Office Suptt. 9463533831
8 Mrs. Voilet Sweeper 9888498316
9 Mrs. Anjali Sweeper 9780306524
10 Mr. Balwinder Kumar Driver 9878440664
11 Mrs. Chetna Librarian chetnagrover8@gmail.com 9888287332
12  Ms. Anjalina Principal’s P.A anjalinasidhu95@gmail.com 8288990698
13 Mrs. Reena Rai Security Guard 9814224717
14 Mr. George Supervisor georagepaul411@gmail.com 8310133539
15 Mr. Chander Ballabh Sharma Office Suptt. 98782 12890
16 Mr. Satplal Singh Computer Lab Administrator bholi777@gmail.com 9815287330


  1. The monthly remuneration received by each of its officers and employees, including the system of compensation as provided in its regulations

Monthly remunerations were received according to the norms of UGC/Contract/service rule/ as per Institute Rule.

  1. The budget allocated to each of its agency, indicating the particulars of all plans, proposed expenditures and reports on disbursements made

Every year, College Administrative Body/Committee with the consultation of IQAC and HODs, propose an Annual budget to Trinity Education Society. The Trinity Education Society sanctions the Budget according to the needs of the time. At the end of financial year, the society makes a formal auditing and submits the copy of audited report to registrar of the society/Govt.


  1. The manner of execution of subsidy programmes, including the amounts allocated and the details of beneficiaries of such programmes

Trinity College has developed scholarships/ subsidies/Fee concessions to economically poor students.

Trinity College has various scholarship schemes, freeships provided by Government in which students in large number are benefited.  The details are as follows


S No Name of The Scheme Year Number Of Students Benefited
1 SC/BC/Ashirwad Scholarship 2013 32
2 SC/BC/Ashirwad Scholarship 2014 49
3 SC/BC/Ashirwad Scholarship






4 SC/BC/Ashirwad Scholarship 2016


(Funds Not Provided By Government)

5` SC/BC/Ashirwad Scholarship 2017


(Funds Not Provided By Government)

Students are benefited in large number from the scholarship schemes, freeships provided by the institutions / organizations besides Government schemes. The details are as follows

Year Name of The Scheme Contact Information Number of Students Benefitted by non- Government Scheme
2017 Excellence award in Law Department Of Commerce 1
2017 Excellence award in Accounting Department Of Commerce 1
2017 Excellence award in QT By Commerce Dept Department Of Commerce 1
2017 Excellence award in Management Department Of Commerce 1
2017 Rt. Rev Dr. Anil Jose Thomos Couto Award of Excellence Management 4
2017 Excellence award in  Computer Science Department Of Computer Science 2
2017 Mrs. Rajinder Kaur Memorial Award of Excellence

Asst. Prof Baljit Kaur

HOD Faculty of Arts

2017 Rev. Dr. Sr. Stella SCJM Scholarship Management 1
2017 Madad – E – Kharach Scholarship Management 15
2017 Amal Scaria Memorial Scholarship Department Of Computer Science 1
2017 Navjeevan Scholarship Management 83
2017 Economist Of Trinity Scholarship. Department Of Economics 1
2017 Excellence award in Economics Department Of Economics 1
2017 Scholarship for excellence in Cultural Activities Management 39
2017 Rt. Rev. Dr Franco Mulakkal Scholarship for Punjabi Language Department Of Punjabi 2
2017 Sports Quota Scholarship Management 16
             Total Students Benefited in session 2017-18 170


  1. Particulars of recipients of concessions, permits or authorizations granted by it

The particulars of concessions, permits or authorizations were displayed in respective departments.


  1. Details in respect of the information, available to or held by it, reduced in an electronic form

Beneficiaries of the above Scholarship were selected by respective committees/departments according to the norms and criteria of each endowment/scholarship. Details of scholarships were given in the website and displayed on the notice board.


  1. The particulars of facilities available to citizens for obtaining information, including the working hours of a library or reading room, if maintained for public use

All the relevant details are made available on the website. Each department has separate timetables. Non-teaching staff has specific time schedule. Library will be available for the public with a permission of competitive authority.


  1. The names, designations and other particulars of the Public Information Officers

Mr. Ajay Prashar


Trinity College, Jalandhar

Mob; 9855297007; Email prashar77@yahoo.com

  1. Such other information as may be prescribed